Who We Are

Sometimes we watch cat videos. Other times we are lost in superhero movies. And occasionally we get to ride bikes.

But one thing we do constantly : We give our clients the "edge" over their competitors when it comes to driving targetted web traffic & converting it.

We do that bit rather well.

What We Do

We drive targetted traffic to our clients & ensure it converts into engaged prospects.

We are not a full service agency. Because full service agencies can't be specialists.

And 20 years experience has honed our specialist skills to a point you just won't see in a full service Agency.

Need traffic? Leads? Enquiries?

Talk to us.

With over 20 years engineering Google rankings, crafting paid advertising campaigns (Google Ads , Facebook & Microsoft/Bing) & forensically refining landing pages so they convert like crazy, we know our "beans".

Not Just an SEO

We forensically audit your website to determine exactly what it needs to rank. And we do the same on your competitors, so nothing is left to chance.

Crafting long lasting Google rankings using some of the most advanced techniques & strategies, it's an all encompassing process from technical factors, site structure & on-page optimisation through to content & linking. Nothing is left to chance.

Not Just a Pay Per Click Agency

We make sure your Google Ads produce new clients for you like no one else ever can.

With multi level experience squeezing huge results from tiny budgets, and slashing costs & wastage on humongous accounts, your ad campaings will get more attention than a high school prom queen.

Our Mission

To be an SME's secret "ninja" weapon when it comes to generating new enquiries; Allowing them to "punch above their weight" and outperform their bigger competitors.

Our Essence

Nothing excites us more than helping our clients businesses grow & prosper.

Our Promise

We'll do everything we can to get new customers to your business.

Our Vibe

Thinking differently. Using technology creatively. In new ways. To get maximum results.

Our Story

Digital Edge has been 20 years in the making. From humble beginnings in the early days of the web, Rob Porter set out to help businesses exploit the new medium.

Quickly progressing from web design & development to involvement in pretty much all aspects of digital marketing & ecommerce, it was clear his real affinity & skills lay with helping SME's maximise their online enquiries. Here his expertise in search marketing was ground, honed & perfected.

These skills were quickly in demand, and in 2011, a joint venture saw him partner with a larger digital agency to establish their fledgling SEO division and develop it to more than 150 clients.

While the venture was successful, working with such a huge client list felt too impersonal, and lacked the opportunity to get to know each business & really make an impact.

So in 2014 Digital Edge was born, with the aim of going back to basics, with a new ethos:

Serve fewer clients, but serve them better than anyone else can.

"I wanted to offer something truly different. A true “ninja” digital marketing specialist for the SME's , to help those who were poorly served by the generic services of “full service” agencies , large “Yellow” marketing entities, or their web designer whose skills were design, not marketing."

Through incremental gains. Testing. Technology. Obsession to detail. We have our own test sites, so we monitor what's changing in Google. We use the latest technology, and when we can't find anything suitable, we build it ourselves (as in our fraud click detection software for Pay Per Click).

“Nothing excites me more than seeing a surge of enquiries flow to clients, and watch them build & expand their business on the back of it. It might be a one man business, going from an uncertain start to established business, or a start up quickly growing to £10 Million in revenue. Either way, it's equally satisfying, knowing you've helped along their journey.”

“I’m surprised but very happy !”

(Client's reaction to us slashing £194 000 per annum off their Google Ads bill)

- Brian, Kent

“I don't know what you have done with the Google Ads but we have got loads more phone calls and everywhere I look we are top or second .. Thank You!!”

- Karen, Dorset

Here's Why We Can Help Your Business

  • Over 16 years experience in Google Ads, Pay Per Click & Search Engineering
  • Certified Google Adwords Experts, Google Partner & member of Google Advisor programme
  • Microsoft Bing Ads partner
  • Over 450 Million Google Ads Shown
  • Efficiency savings & ROI improvements, more than covers our modest management fees
  • Over £10 Million in advertising spend managed on Google
  • Helped clients go from start up to £10 Million + per year
  • Experts in squeezing fantastic results from small advertising budgets

Digital Edge is a Certified Google Partner and Qualified Adwords Company.