Does Google Ads Really Work For Anyone?

"Does anyone really click the Ads? I know I don't."

"Don't your competitors repeatedly click ads to cost you money?"

"Adwords doesn't work for businesses like mine, does it? It's just too damn expensive."

Just a few of the questions we frequently get asked.

But there's one, "million dollar" question :

Could Adwords Work For My Business?

We'll answer that, but first let me tell you this story.

It was the tail end of 2008. We had just built an ecommerce site for a customer, a lovely guy, starting up in business on his own. (I won't reveal the business sector, let's just say it's in the heating/home improvement market).

Anyway, the guy went quiet on me. A bit unusual, as clients normal have a few queries , want advice on marketing etc. I had visions of another hopeful start up flopping out and not paying their invoice. Christmas was approaching, so I put it to the back of my mine.

All was quiet for nearly a month, then out of the blue he emailed me. It transpired he was so busy and his sales were blowing up big time. I looked at the backend of his website and sure enough the orders were rolling in, more than any other site we'd ever built. But how?

When I finally got to speak to him, he revealed he'd been using Google Adwords to drive traffic to his website. He confessed he didn't really know what he was doing and asked us to take a look.

What I saw next blew my mind!

His Adwords spending was astonishing. Let's just say I could have bought a brand new, luxury car (and still have some change) with what he spent in one month.

A tremendous amount of tweaks and adjustments were needed to prune wasted spending and increase his ROI, but that's not the story here. In a few short months he had grown from one man band to a £1 million + a year business with his own warehouse, office and staff. Pretty much all from Google Ads.

Fast forward seven years and this business is now pushing £10 Million a year, with several premises and 30 -40 staff.

And while they have sensibly diversified so as not to rely 100% on Google, Adwords was the major driver in the early years and is still a considerable contributor today.

Does anyone click the ads? In this case they did. A lot of people did.

Google earned $66 Billion in 2014. Out of that, $59.6 Billion (90%) was from advertising revenues. Ads that Google placed on either their own sites, or other peoples sites. (source:

No one clicks the ads eh?   

So, does Adwords work?

Yes, it can. But for the majority it doesn't.

Not because it doesn't suit their industry but because they jump in without properly understanding it or they let a Google employee set it up (more later about why that's not a good idea). Our client was lucky and got us involved right in the nick of time. But those that use it "straight out of the box”, without the right hacks and modifications, blow a hole in their bank balance quicker than TNT through rock.

However, some businesses are quietly cashing in. With the right modifications, tweaks and tactics, they have transformed Adwords into a powerful guided missile that launches their business skywards.

It can be your super salesman that never eats, sleeps, or has a day off.

Ok, enough suspense.

Discover the high performance tweaks that transform Adwords from a dusty old money pit into your own, well oiled, high performance sales machine

I've spent over 10 Million on Adwords.

On the next page, you'll discover the hacks & modifications that can really get it working for you.